Alto Adige


Cantina Andriano was founded in 1893 and lays claim to being one of the first wine-producing cooperatives in the region of Alto Adige. In September 2008, Cantina Andriano was absorbed into the cooperative of Cantina Terlano, a move to unify these two entities that are both located in the same small DOC of Terlano. The Andriano wines, however, are kept completely separate, as they have their own distinct traits, terroir, and history. The staff of Terlano manage the vineyards, vinification procedures, and the sales of Andriano wines and as a result Andriano has adopted the same philosophy of Terlano: high-quality, terroir-driven wines.

Andriano's vineyards are unique to the area because they are protected to the west by Mount Gantkofel, which is made of dolomite rock and calcareous stone. The sedimentary rock from this peak has eroded over the years and gradually settled, forming a downward sloping hill of deposited soil at the base of this valley. This sedimentary soil deposit expands like a fan from the mouth of the valley over an area of 200º from South-Southeast to Northeast and at an altitude of 260-340m above sea level. The fertile calcareous clay soil is typical of the area and leaves its footprint in the wine's character. As well, cooler climate conditions and high altitude are responsible for the crisp acidity in the wines that give them their unique complexity and freshness.

Cantina Andriano produces two categories of wines: the Classics line, which features wines that are vinified and aged in stainless steel and the Selections line with reds that are aged in small oak barrels and whites that spend more time with lees contact. Andriano wines are elegant and food friendly with good aging potential and wide appeal.

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