Cesarini Sforza


Cesarini Sforza

Cesarini Sforza was founded in 1974 in the unique Val di Cembra which today is touted as one of the best microclimates and terroirs in Italy for white and sparkling wines. With a high altitude of up to 1000m ASL (3281 ft.) the valley stretches along 30 km of terraced vineyards, and although Val di Cembra is in Trento, its latitude would put it into Alto Adige. It is an entire valley where organic farming and respect for nature is the daily regime and evident to all who pass through. Vineyards dot the hills and steep valley walls where red porphyric soil is visible on the steep, terraced vineyards.
The tradition of metodo classico began in Trento in 1993. It was one of the first regions worldwide after Champagne to attain official sparkling wine certification. Trentodoc is not only a trademark, but also a project aimed at promoting the region for the exceptional quality of wines produced here.
At Cesarini Sforza the wines are born with natural intense aromas thanks to the high altitude and porphyric soils. The cool nights and sunny days provide freshness on top of the mineral core in these wines. No additional yeasts are used in fermentation to boost the wines complex layers: It all comes naturally from the terroir. The true secret to these wines is the soil and microclimate.
Andrea Buccella is Cesarini Sforza's winemaker and a skilled expert in expressing the distinct character of sparkling wines from Trentodoc.

Varietals planted :

Chardonnay, Pinot Nero

Winery production :


Winemaker :

Andrea Buccella

Total acres planted :

1470 acres (Cesarini Sforza is only made from the best selection of grapes)

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