Blonde Lager

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      A classic lager beer produced using Menabrea's own yeast, which has a bottom-fermenting tendency. They use pure mountain water from the Alps, close to Biella. The water combines with selected barley malt and maize (corn) before adding Hallertau Magnum hops. The addition of maize gives a lightness to the beer both in terms of color and taste and also adds a hint of sweetness which balances the bitterness from the Hallertau hops. The combination of these ingredients brewed by the master brewer to a recipe basically unchanged since 1846 gives a beer with balanced bitterness, a floral fruity nose and a delicate pale-golden color. Lager, like all our beers is matured peacefully in our underground cellars for 6 weeks. Our cellars were hewn out of the rock beneath the brewery during the 1840s. Characteristically this is a very drinkable and refreshing beer.

      Extract :

      11.20 degrees Plato

      Alcohol :


      Color EBC :


      PH :


      Bitterness EBU :


      CO2 :

      5.2 g/l

      Brewery Production :

      Fieri, inquam, Triari

      Bottle Size :

      11.2 oz and 22.3 oz

      Bottles per Case :

      24 bottles and 15 bottles

      Gross Weight :

      30 lbs. and 34 lbs.

      Cases per Pallet :

      63 cases and 54 cases

      Pallet Gross Weight :

      1935 lbs. and 1876 lbs.

      Container Contents :

      20' container:
      14 pallets 882 cases palletized and hand-stacked
      40' container:
      28 pallets 1,764 cases palletized and hand-stacked

      Case Dimensions:
      11.2 fl . oz. Bottles - 9 x 14.6 x 9.4 h
      22.3 fl . oz. Bottles - 9 x 15 x 11 h
      Clusters (6 packs) available separately

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