Ambrata Lager

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      Produced using the same techniques and premium ingredients as the Menabrea Bionda lager, Menabrea's Ambrata beer differs with the addition of roasted barley malts. These roasted malts add both color and body to the beer and also an enhanced, more robust and complex nose. Over the years, the Menabrea master brewers have created a beer with a little more alcohol than the Bionda lager in order to balance the enhanced and more complex flavor profile. This beer has a golden-amber color with bronze undertones. It has a rounded, robust, slightly toffee/caramel flavor and nose but has maintained a level of drinkability not usually found in amber beers.

      Extract :

      11.80 degrees Plato

      Alcohol :


      Color EBC :


      PH :


      Bitterness EBU :


      CO2 :


      Bottle Size :

      11.2 oz

      Bottles per Case :

      24 bottles

      Gross Weight :

      30 lbs.

      Cases per Pallet :

      63 cases

      Pallet Gross Weight :

      1908 lbs.

      Container Contents :

      20' container:
      14 pallets 882 cases palletized and hand-stacked

      40' container:
      28 pallets 1,764 cases palletized and hand-stacked

      Case Dimensions:
      11.2 fl . oz. Bottles - 9 x 14.6 x 9.4 h

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