Domaine Marjan Simčič

Ceglo, Brda, Slovenia

Domaine Marjan Simčič

Domaine Marjan Simčič is THE benchmark producer in Slovenia representing this unique terroir with elegance and expressiveness and a style that is unparalleled. The Brda wine region, affectionately termed the "Tuscany of Slovenia", is rich in winemaking history. While Marjan Simčič's family has been crafting wines here for five generations, it is Marjan's visionary approach that has elevated the estate to international recognition. In a land that can sometimes be overshadowed by its Italian neighbors, Marjan is deeply passionate about showcasing this unique Slovenian terroir.

Brda means "hills" in Slovenian. The region is characterized by rolling hills and a unique microclimate influenced by the Adriatic Sea to the south and the Julian Alps to the north, which provides an ideal environment for grape growing. Marjan's approach to viticulture goes beyond organic, leaning towards biodynamics. This holistic farming method, emphasizing a deep connection between the vine, soil, and cosmos, ensures that the vineyards are in harmony with nature. Such practices not only preserve the land for future generations but also contribute to the unique taste profile of Simčič wines.

When Marjan stepped into the vineyards in 1988 alongside his grandfather and father, he wasn't just inheriting a family vocation; he was embracing a legacy. Building on familial wisdom, Marjan embarked on a meticulous study, resulting in a micro-zonation map that intricately wove each wine with its terroir. It's a harmonious blend of ancestral traditions and modern experimental forays.

Marjan's knowledge about where each grape variety thrives best is no stroke of luck but a testament to his scientific precision and this extends to his winemaking style. Whether it's choosing fermentation vessels—concrete, oak, or steel—or deciding the length of maceration or the aging period, ranging from 16 to 54 months, every decision is informed, intentional, and inspired.

Marjan's classic wines beautifully represent the essence of the Brda region. Each variety showcases the unique characteristics that define this exceptional wine-growing area. These wines truly embody the grape variety and its expression within Brda. The organically-grown grapes are sourced from younger plots and lower locations, situated about 150 meters in altitude, across the 24-hectare estate spanning Slovenia and Italy.

The Cru Selections represent specific vineyards that produce exceptional grapes. These vineyards have a vine age between 20 and 60 years and each expresses a unique microclimate.

The Opoka Cru Selections carry pedigree dating back to 1786 when Emperor Joseph II classified wines in the Princely Country of Gorizia and Gradisca. These wines are single-vineyard selections from within the Medana Catastre and the vineyards range in age from 40-96 years old. These wines truly reflect the unique character of the micro-terroir of the Opoka soil.

Marjan Simčič represents more than just winemaking; he is an eloquent voice, masterfully translating Brda's terroir — its earth, air, and essence — into a captivating wine narrative. Each bottle, in its refined elegance, tells a distinct chapter of Slovenia's story, waiting to be sipped, savored, and celebrated.

Owner :

Marjan Simčič

Varietals planted :

Rebula (Ribolla/Ribolla Gialla), Sauvignon Vert (Friulano), Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Winery production :

130,000 bottles

Winemaker :

Marjan Simčič

Total acres planted :

60 acres (24 hectares)

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