Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott

Northern Rhône Valley, France

Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott

As one of the oldest and largest wine-producing regions in the world, Rhône and its classic varietals are top-of-mind among many wine consumers and professionals. As the northern appellations gain more traction in the US, some producers emerge as rising stars, offering new perspectives on Rhône's historic terroirs and opening new horizons for the category. Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott is one of them.

There is no such thing as traditions and heritage at Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott. It's all about starting something from scratch and breaking new ground (quite literally). The story of Domaine Bott is the story of Julie and Graeme, two youthful "Vignerons" driven by an ardent love for the Northern Rhône and its distinctive rocky soils. From their humble beginnings planting vines by hand and using their garage as a makeshift cellar, they've grown their estate into an award-winning property spanning 7 hectares across prestigious appellations like Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph, and Seyssuel, a small area gaining a lot of traction in the region and currently under "Cru" consideration.

Rhône's Terroir Renewal: Domaine Graeme & Julie Bott exemplifies the new generation of producers defying traditions and leading the way in creating a new style of premium Northern Rhône wines from historic terroirs.
Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Graeme and Julie's wine journey started from nothing but a dream, a vision and a garage. All the rest is hard work and ingenuity. A modern day success story in the making.
Sustainable practices: Passionate about preserving and honoring their incredible terroir, Graeme & Julie made the commitment to grow their grapes using sustainable and organic practices.

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