Dalia Wines


Dalia Wines

Dalia (or in Italian, from Lia) is nature's perennial gift from our vineyards to your table. The vibrant blooms that last from mid summer deep into autumn inspire Dalia Pinot Grigio as a symbol of grace, strength through change and new beginnings with a long future ahead. Much like the cheerful blooms, Dalia Pinot Grigio compliments life's precious moments! 

Dalia Pinot Grigio hails from Northern Italy in the Veneto region where the protective shadows of the Dolomite mountains create the ideal environment for Pinot Grigio to thrive. Whether big or small, 

Dalia is made for the moments worth celebrating. It pairs perfectly with a sunny afternoon on the back porch, and is the perfect wine for a toast at a full table with the ones you love. Dalia pairs well with life! 

Owner :

Lia Tolaini-Banville

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