Il Faggeto

Prosecco Vino Frizzante DOC

    • Description :

      This lightly sparkling wine is made using the best grapes harvested from the Treviso hills of the Veneto. Particular care is taken when handling the grapes and the use of air-driven presses guarantees an extremely delicate and aromatic wine. The lightly sparkling bubbles in this wine are produced using the Charmat method. After a primary fermentation, the still wine is placed in an autoclave where it undergoes a secondary fermentation for about 30 days until a pressure of 2.5 bar is reached.

      Grape varieties :

      Glera (Prosecco)

      Altitude :

      50-500 m ASL

      Exposure :


      Soil :

      Sedimentary and clayey-calcareous

      Alcohol :


      Tasting notes :

      This prosecco is pale yellow with principle aromas of citrus fruits and mature apples. The wine has elegant lively bubbles on the palate with a hint of apple and orange zest. Makes a perfect aperitif and is dry enough to serve with seafood and sweet enough to accompany dessert. A versatile wine to drink throughout the meal and before and after as well!

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