Prosecco Treviso Brut

    • Description :

      This sparkling wine is made using Glera from Treviso. The bubbles in this wine are produced using the Charmat method. After primary fermentation, the still wine is placed in a tank where it undergoes a secondary fermentation for about 60 days until a pressure of 4.5-5 atm is achieved.

      Grape varieties :


      Altitude :

      50-400m A.S.L.

      Vineyard age :

      10 years old

      Grape yield :

      135 hl/ha

      Exposure :

      South, Southeast

      Soil :

      Sedimentary and calcareous clay

      Alcohol :


      Tasting notes :

      This sparkling wine is a pale yellow color with greenish reflections. Aromatic and pleasantly fruity on the palate, the bright sparkle of the wine makes it perfect to pair with seafood dishes, flavorful cheeses and many other types of food.

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