OSCAR.697 Vermouth

Bianco Vermouth

    • Description :

      Dry botanicals are crushed and then rest together in a cold maceration in neutral spirits for approximately 2 weeks. The botanical infusion is combined with the wine base for approximately 1 week. The resulting liquid is then carbon-filtered and frozen to extract impurities but is not ultimately micro-filtered so as to retain the beautiful bouquet. A small amount of sediment may appear in the bottle as a result. The sugar level of the Bianco Vermouth is kept relatively low at 14%.

      After the freezing process, the vermouth rests for 2 additional weeks in a large steel vat before bottling. After two months in bottle, the Vermouth is ready to release for sale.

      Grape varieties :

      Trebbiano di Romagna

      Alcohol :


      Tasting notes :

      OSCAR.697 Bianco has strong notes of Bergamot, Yarrow Muscat and Elderflower. Ideal as a spritz aperitif or as a mixer with white spirits like gin or tequila.

Press Notes

  • Wine Enthusiast
    • 95 points
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