Friulano DOC Insonzo

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      Light skin contact, fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts at 22 - 24° in steel, with total malolactic fermentation. Aged "sur lie" for 18 months.
      Roncus' vineyards are grouped in small plots: crus with a unique and specific microclimate and soil. A variety of different environments gives richness to these wines and allows an expression of individual terroir.
      The marl soil gives a mineral quality and flavor to the wines while the generous, intense aromas portray an image of the land. Replanted with native flora the vineyards, some on the hills and others on the plains, are surrounded by woodland and dotted with plants such as the wild hop, butcher's broom, chives, and chamomile.
      At Roncus, Marco believes that wines are made in the vineyards, and his grapes are grown organically with only minimal mineral treatments when necessary.
      Work in the wine cellar is dedicated to finishing what was started in the vineyard.

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      Soil :

      Grown on hills in rich marlstone soil and on plains in shallow stony, soils.

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