Glera Frizzante Veneto IGT

    • Description :

      This sparkling wine is made from the same grape varietal and sourced from the same prestigious vineyards in the Veneto used to produce Prosecco. It is now available in 20L pressurized kegs for convenience and freshness for your by-the-glass program. This keg has been specially designed to handle the 9 bar pressure required to maintain original effervescence. The lightly sparkling bubbles in this wine are produced using the Charmat method.

      Dimensions of PolyKeg
      20L PolyKeg containers
      Weight: 46.7 pounds when full
      Height: 23 inches, Diameter: 9 inches
      Key Features:
      -Excellent shelf life thanks to a special high-barrier polymer blend. Wine stays preserved for up to 9 months.
      -One-way PET keg - simply recycle after use.
      -Polykegs are compatible with Standard U.S. Sankey Fittings and existing CO2 lines

      Grape varieties :


      Alcohol :


      Tasting notes :

      This is a lively sparkling wine with aromas of citrus and apple. On the palate there are accents of lemon and orange zest. Perfect as an aperitif and very versatile with seafood and shellfish. Also an ideal wine to mix for spritzers.

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