Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Edition 2017

    • Description :

      This is the third Edition and fifth bottling of this whisky. The blend is composed mostly of whisky distilled at Laphroaig.

      Tasting Notes :

      Medicinal herbs, vanilla and leather accents mingle harmoniously with licorice. Excellent persistence on the palate where the typical salty notes of Islay dominate, followed by expressive hints of oregano, sesame and marjoram. Impressive length on the palate, especially for a youthful whisky.

      Distillation Process :

      Double Pot Still

      Area of Origin :


      Country of Origin :

      Great Britain - Scotland

      Name of Original Distillery :

      Laphroaig and other active Islay distilleries

      Ingredients :

      100% Barley

      Years in cask :

      8 yrs

      Limited Production :

      Bottled in June, 2017. Just 390 bottles in 750ml size.

      Alcohol :


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