Aldo Rainoldi


Aldo Rainoldi

The Rainoldi family has been in the wine business for three generations. Aldo Rainoldi, the original patriarch of the family business, started as a local wine merchant based in Valtellina in the 1920s. In the late 1990s Aldo's grandson (also named Aldo) returned to the family business after graduating from Turin University with a degree in Viticulture and Oenology. It was at this point that the family business pivoted to producing their own wines that showcased their beloved homeland of Valtellina.  

Located in Lombardy in the northern Italian Alps, Valtellina is a network of steeply terraced vineyards that stretches 25 miles from east to west. The vineyards are all south-facing and receive an optimal amount of sunlight making them an ideal place for grape-growing. The vineyards are planted almost exclusively to Nebbiolo. The Aldo Rainoldi winery is located in Casacce near Chiuro in the heart of Valtellina. Valtellina Nebbiolo—known locally as Chiavennasca—produces wines that are aromatic and elegant with significant aging potential.

Making top-quality wine that respects family tradition and the environment is paramount for the Rainoldi family. With an eye on the future, and close connection to the past, Rainoldi produces wines that pay homage to their ancestors' wisdom while they continue to innovate and improve, to diversify and to offer a selection of high-quality wines.​

Owner :

Rainoldi Family

Winery production :

185,000 bottles

Winemaker :

Aldo Rainoldi

Total acres planted :

27 acres (11 hectares)

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