Koha Wines


Koha Wines

The McDonald family have connections that go back to the Wairau Bar (north tip of the southern island on the coast of Marlborough ) for 800 years. This strong sense of place is what the MacDonald family is about, it's build around history and family because they have never left this part of the world. The calling card of the te Pā a winery is sauvignon blanc ever since it's introductory vintage in 2011. What makes Wairau Bar a unique site to grow vines? It's a long gravel bank with with a variety of soils that range from alluvial deposits to fertile loam to silt and sand. Surrounded by the Wairau River and the Cloudy Bay, a perfect microclimate is forms to prevent disease pressure and diurnal shifts in the weather.

The Koha is a small production range by te Pā Wines that reflects the quality of the Wairau Bar region. 

Owner :

Haysley MacDonald

Varietals planted :

Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir

Winemaker :

Sam Bennett

Total acres planted :

500 hectares

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