Domaine Courtault-Michelet

Chablis, France

Domaine Courtault-Michelet

Domaine Courtault-Michelet is a collaboration between Stéphanie Courtault and her husband Vincent Michelet. The property is part of the Courtault family estate, founded by Stéphanie's father, Jean-Claude (JC) Courtault who arrived in Lignorelles in 1974 to work as a vineyard manager for one of the village's wine estates. In 1984, JC purchased 1.5 hectares of 4-year-old vines in the Chablis region of Burgundy. Next, he rented a piece of land in the Chablis appellation area, which he then planted with the help of his wife, Marie-Chantal. and so, the estate of Jean-Claude Courtault was formed. His first vintage was 1987, and the wine was rewarded with a gold medal at the "Concours Général des Vins de Paris" competition. JC grew his holdings, and in 1995, with the estate boasting a dozen hectares of Chablis and Petit Chablis, JC decided to devote himself to wine-growing on a fulltime basis. He built a winery that included all the features necessary for optimal operating efficiency. The estate has continued to develop its vineyards and now boasts a total of 27 hectares. The vineyards are dispersed over 6 different parishes in the Chablis area, with the majority located in Lignorelles and Beines. The oldest plots have 35-year-old vines. The vineyards are currently in organic conversion. As of 2019,  Stéphanie Courtault and Vincent Michelet have taken over the reins from JC and are carrying on his legacy of making exquisite wines in the Chablis region. 

Owner :

Courtault and Michelet Families

Varietals planted :

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Winemaker :

Vincent Michelet

Total acres planted :

66 acres (27 hectares)

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