Pietro Cassina


Pietro Cassina

Pietro Cassina is a family-run winery that continues the wine-making tradition passed on from previous generations. The property is located in Lessona (Biella district), a small town Northeast of Piedmont, in the Alto Piemonte region of Italy. This area is hilly and mountainous with Mount Rosa nearby and Turin just a short drive away. Lessona is a particularly important part of Italian wine lore as Italy's first bottled wines originated from here. In the past few decades renewed interest in these special wines, and focus from producers like Pietro Cassina, have brought these producers back into the market. Pietro Cassina's grounds extend for 6 hectares of vineyard and several hectares of a surrounding wooded area, which creates the perfect micro-climate for the growth of Nebbiolo grapes. Lessona is one of the few areas in Italy, and even in the world, where Nebbiolo grapes can be grown in such an ideal environment. Pietro Cassina produces wines from grapes grown only in his own vineyards. He focuses on low yields, averaging 5000 vines per hectare, and it is in these vineyards that the "green harvest" is applied every spring. Green harvest consists of the removal of tiny immature grapes. This process encourages the vine to concentrate its energy on the healthier growth of the remaining grapes and results in better ripening of the remaining grapes and creates a wine with more concentration. Most of the vineyards are planted with red wine grapes, mainly Nebbiolo and Vespolina, however Erbaluce, a white grape native to this region, is also grown. The focus of production at Pietro Cassina is on LESSONA DOC (red wine) and COSTE DELLA SESIA DOC (a range of red, rosé and white wines). The unique taste of these excellent wines comes from the particular quality of the soil in which the vines are grown. This region of Italy is known as the district of Ori (gold in Italian). The soil here is yellow, or golden in color, and is rich with mineral deposits and high acidity. These features contribute to the complexity and aging potential of the wines produced in this region.

Owner :

Pietro Cassina

Varietals planted :

Erbaluce, Vespolina, Nebbiolo

Winery production :

30,000 bottles

Winemaker :

Pietro Cassina

Total acres planted :

6 hectares

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