The Maiolini family has been connected to wine and grapes since the 15th century. The family traces their roots to Ome, a unique place located on the northeastern border of Franciacorta, Italy's famed sparkling wine-producing region. The red grape variety Majolina (recently recognized as a variety indigenous to Lombardy) is a testament to the long history of the family in this region.

In 1981 Valentino Maiolini's four sons relaunched the Majolini winery. Together they restored the ancient vineyards and built the winery high up on a hill with views that stretch for miles over the village of Ome and the surrounding vineyards. The buildings are crafted from local stone known as Medolo and this pure white limestone is the same component found in the region's soil that gives minerality and structure to the Franciacorta wines that are produced here.

Today the winery is run by Ezio Maiolini and three cousins: Simone, Giovanni, and Elena. For almost twenty years the winemaking process has been shared by Cesari Ferrari from Franciacorta and Jean-Pierre Valade from Champagne, France.

The Maiolinis own 24 hectares in more than 24 plots dedicated to Chardonnay, Majolina, and Pinot Noir vineyards. The reason for this vineyard fragmentation is because Majolini focuses on sourcing their grapes from small hillside vineyards. The vineyards are scattered amongst the hills that surround the winery and the higher altitude gives distinctive characteristics to Majolini's wines in terms of aroma and minerality.

In the vineyard, the Maiolini family has chosen a style of viticulture that is dedicated to ensuring the representation of their terroir and results in a very high-quality grape-growing process. Some of their techniques include low yields, high-density planting, rigorous pruning, grassing, peeling, and selection of the grapes on all of the bunches during the summer. 

At harvest, the grapes are picked by hand and placed in small boxs so that they can reach the winery intact. The harvest from each vineyard is vinified separately and cuvées are blended before secondary fermentation in bottle.

Majolini obtained organic certification of their vineyards in 2016 after practicing sustainable viticulture since 2012. 



100% renewable energy sources; CO2 free.

Majolini Winery was the first producer to join the rigorous Italian Wine Carbon Calculator (Ita.Ca®), a project for monitoring environmental impact. This project was promoted by the agronomic study SATA and shared with the Winemakers Federation of Australia. Majolini Winery is one of the first companies to be able to demonstrate, by a rigorous method, a capacity to absorb a higher amount of CO2 than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

Owner :

The Majolini Family

Varietals planted :

Chardonnay, Majolina, and Pinot Noir

Winery production :

150,000 bottles

Winemaker :

Cesare Ferrari and Jean-Pierre Valade

Total acres planted :

59 acres (24 hectares)

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