Rome, Italy


In 1968, Samaroli was the first non-British company to select and bottle the great whiskeys of Scotland, utilizing an innovative and unique technique. He would select a single cask of whiskey and re-cask it into barrels made of different types of oak. This process adds additional layers of depth and complexity, beyond the characteristics of a regular single malt bottling. The outstanding results from this experiment made Samaroli one of Italy's most acclaimed and revered spirits importers.

In the late 1970s, the Samaroli company added rum to their repertoire and began sourcing from the best distilleries in the Caribbean and South America. The rums are transported to Scotland for the maturation and bottling process. This allows for longer aging periods, as the climate is much cooler in Scotland than the tropical regions where the rum is distilled. This results in more elegant spirits.

Antonio Bleve has admired the passion and philosophy of the Samaroli company for decades. He took over the commercial management and production of Samaroli's business in 2008. He has placed an additional focus on "proprietary abilities", which involves blending flavors from old spirits and power from young ones to rebuild the "whisky soul". These special casks are bottled as "single" offerings. Working alongside a hand-picked team of industry experts, Antonio continues to focus on the Samaroli tradition of finding exceptional single cask offerings through existing relationships and creating new connections. Whether it's rum or scotch, the hallmark of all Samaroli spirits is the combination of finesse with unrivaled complexity and depth of flavor.





Owner :

Antonio Bleve

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