Wine Merchants

Pier Luigi Tolaini, together with his daughter Lia Tolaini Banville, started Banville Wine Merchants, an importer of fine Italian wines and beer, in 2004. In 2005 the company was moved from Boston to NY. ‎ In 2011 Banville started their own wholesale division for NY and NJ states and in 2016 DC VA and MD were added. Today Banville imports wines from France, Italy, Germany and Austria with 5 District Managers located across the USA. The NY/NJ wholesale division employs 9 key account specialists and represents over 750 labels from around the world. In January 2016 Banville ventured into the spirits business and now represents a few select, unique spirits, all with an Italian connection.

We are selective in choosing producers to represent and insist on quality people who make quality products with a sense of place, who deserve our attention and will benefit from our ability to market wine, spirits, and beer. ‎   

We maintain a non-competitive supplier portfolio, mainly only one winery per region,  which enables us to give the required focus to our producers and succeed in building their brand.

This has been a successful formula for both our customers and our suppliers.

Banville Wine Merchants is passionate about the wine business and developing partnerships with others who share this passion and commitment.

PierLuigi Tolaini, together with his daughter Lia Tolaini Banville